What is this site exactly?
TL;DR: Concept validation and optimization through disposable (measurable!) landing pages.We help you create disposable burner pages to see how your prospective users engage with them. Is your visitor so intrigued with the offering described on your page that they click the Call to Action button? And even better, answer a survey after they click? Those insights will drive your own roadmap and help you optimize and course correct far ahead of your competition.
Who is the target audience?
The current beta group is focused on internet entrepreneurs validating product ideas for different audiences.
Why is this important?
TL;DR: it helps people make better decisions on the path to product-market fit.We bundle all necessary features into a single offering to make it dead simple to start validating ideas, copy and products. While it is possible to accomplish this process by stitching together a number of third party services, it is SO much slower and clunkier to do so. Using a completely integrated solution allows you to move smarter and faster. Much faster.
I'm trying to find help on a specific feature
You'll notice that forms have different tool tips posted around the site. Hover over them for more context on a particular item. This is still in early beta, so more comprehensive documentation and video tutorials are being added, butyou can take a demo product tour to explore our functionality in more detailor drop into oursubredditfor support.
Who made BurnerPage?
BurnerPage was founded by Avi Muchnick, (former co-founder of Worth1000 and Aviary), with investment fromUnleavened Ventures. This platform is maintained by a deliberately small team hyperfocused on building solutions that make it dead simple for everyone in the world to leave the 9-5 and pursue their dream business.
Special thanks to:
Building this app would not have been possible without help from a number of people and companies:Jared Salzano for helping get this project off the ground,Dossy Shiobara for some amazing infrastructure firefighting,Iz Derdik,Harvey Rayner,Mike Mignano,Nir Zicherman,Jacob Rogelberg,Kerrin McLaughlin,Moshe Markovich,Vijay Vachani,Andrew Gluck,Ushi Shafran,Naveen Selvadurai,Chris Poole,Bart Jaworski,Alex Reynolds,Stuart Wall,Mo Koyfman,Evan Nisselson,Scott Belsky, and a bunch of other folks for their thoughtful feedback and suggestions on how to improve the site experience for everyone. This site would not have been possible without the incredible open source contributions to Next.JS, React, MySQL, Node.js, Express, Tailwind and countless third party packages, without whom none of this would be possible.