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Choose any webpage you would like to test.

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Select Elements

Using our tool, view a clone of your website directly in our interface. Select the elements you want to test by simply clicking on them. These can be text, images, or styles!

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Generate Variants

Enhance your copy with AI-generated variants. Personalize it further with different tones like assertive or friendly. You can also add your own custom variants for complete control.

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Select Optimization Goal

Choose how you’d like to track a successful conversion. This can be a call-to-action click, a page view, both, or another metric.

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Embed Custom JavaScript

Add a simple script to your site so we can serve your visitors variants. You’ll only need to do this once per website!

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Run Campaign

Once you activate your campaign, we’ll serve variants to visitors using the Multi Armed Bandit testing strategy. As your campaign runs, we’ll suggest new AI variants for you to add based on the best performing variants, continuously boosting your optimization goal. Rest assured, you remain in full control throughout the process.

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Monitor the success of your campaign using our comprehensive dashboard.

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